Made by mealworms and me


Made by mealworms and me is a speculative scenario about combining waste and food. The scenario is based on 2 premises: 1; mealworms are able to eat and digest Styrofoam and 2; we are able to safely eat these mealworms. How would a production cycle based on this system look like? Made by mealworms and me explores this topic with the public by presenting them a two part installation where this scenario is played out, it’s implications explored and in the end eaten.


The first part shows mealworms eating through waste packaging donated by stores or consumers. During thirty days the mealworms munch on the Styrofoam like mad and create beautiful anti-shapes. The packaging could be re-used as a sculpture or part of a functional object or could be entirely disposed of by the worms.


The second part harvests the gluttonous mealworms and prepares them to be turned into a food product. By cleansing their intestines with a diet of slaw and tomato they are safe to be consumed by humans. After two days of dieting they are crushed into burgers ready to be consumed by sinful humans.


Each burger represents 165 grams of polystyrene digested. We are now able to digest our own waste and turn it in something which nature can again use as a resource.IMG_2035

Cool shapes as abstractions or ghost images of the products they held.


The Boeteburger (Sinburger).


The life cycle of the mealworm.